MEDA201: Experimental Film

The art of storytelling is one of the most powerful things in existence. The most beautiful part is, as time goes on and as technology rapidly evolves, the methods of storytelling evolve with it. At the present time, we have access to such incredible programs and the latest technology to enhance our stories. However, what I love most about this assessment is getting to appreciate one of the materials that allowed us to progress to where we are now. My experimental film using found footage is shown below:


Whilst experimenting on film using scratching and bleaching film, I was reminded of my first experiences using film camera’s when I was as young as three years old and developing my own film at the age of fifteen in my high school’s darkroom. I’ve always loved how permanent this medium is. There is no second chances.

The theme of no second chances is one I carried through my film. The shots progress from mostly nature to mostly man. This is to represent man’s interaction with nature for their own agenda. I used repeated symbolism of double exposures to portray this message, as well as using repetition and selective cuts to portray rhythm.

The recurring motif of the close-up of the mans eyes evokes the emotion that man’s progress has had two effects we really need to think about – yes mankind is known for creation, but we are also known for destruction.

I found most of my inspiration from silent films such as Charlie Chaplin skits or Fritz Lang’s 1927 film ‘Metropolis’ which solely relies on visuals to portray messages.





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