Meda102: Assessment 3 – Legacy

Legacy is a series of artworks comprised of iterative practice centralised on how all humans are the same, yet so different – thus leading to different outcomes. Legacy is based upon how our ideas may slightly evolve, but the techniques of how we do so is truly the culprit for growth within society. Within the background, the progression from newspaper to blog post depicts the evolution of society and reinforces thoughts of how what we do is the same but the delivery differs as technology changes.

Inspiration rose from Loui Jover’s vintage and Keith Kourney’s 99 pears, both ink drawings on paper collages that offer further context to be found within the artwork itself. Changing one small action leads to a diverse and improved result. If an action is repeated with a different mindset, you’ll vastly approve, therefore building your legacy.

A notion that’s often thought about is, what would happen if the world ran out of creativity? Each individual seems the same from the outside, yes. However, no two handprints are ever identical. Technology for the same purpose, created ten years later will never be alike. If we keep moving forward, no two legacy’s will ever be the same.


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