Assessment 3: Moving Image Project

When brainstorming ideas for the moving image project, majority of ideas included a serious tone. To challenge this serious mindset, I thought of doing a project that included the use of satire. I aimed to use satire in order to produce something humorous, which still depicted the context of the locality of Fairy Meadow.

Inspiration for this idea came from observing how many citizens and visitors to Fairy Meadow have a constant daily routine. From an outside perspective, repeating the same set activities daily can seem dull. A daily effort can seem draining, but in reality it shows commitment and that effort creates something powerful.

Charna Lee’s soundscape conveyed a relatable atmosphere that complemented the calm, reassuring tone I was searching for with my project. The soundscape accompanied the voice over I wrote, performed by Blake Foggo.

I drew inspiration for the cinematography skills such as establishing shots, panning, the use of zoom, fades and the satirical narration from television shows such as:



  • Chris Lilley’s Ja’mie: Private School Girl:


These television shows may cover different subjects, but in the end their use of a humorous voice over allows for the show to be relatable to the audience, the audience relating to my project is all I could ever hope for.


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