MEDA101: Assessment 2 – Still Image Project

The sequence of photographs I have created are inspired by the soundscape produced by Benjamin Waters. The soundscape presents a calming, soothing and almost nostalgic sense of emotion that I also experienced while exploring the beach front location of which the sound was sourced. My aim is to recreate a similar serenity within these photos.  In modern society, technology is the most popular form of recreation. Interestingly, a beach has minimal interference from mankind, yet is still thoroughly enjoyed. I was influenced by the photographer Ansel Adams to capture the raw beauty of a natural landscape. After experimenting with numerous camera angles, apertures and shutter speeds as well as enhancing brightness and contrast, I was able to find a balance to create an ideal depth of field to depict how simplicity; like fallen feathers and footprints in the sand make going to the beach a rejuvenating experience for many.


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